Still Fertile at Fifty?!?

What does it mean if your cycle is more regular than it ever was when you're turning 50 years old?

3/7/20232 min read

Here it is: day 28 of my menstrual cycle, and my period starts. By the book. Exactly when it’s supposed to for a woman of child-bearing age. BUT I’M TURNING FIFTY IN A WEEK!

If I were to gauge my fertility based purely on what my body does on a monthly cyclical basis, I’ve been getting younger and MORE fertile for the past decade, not older and closer to menopause.

Is the regularity of my periods due to being on the pill? NOPE; in my forties I’ve been off and on hormonal birth control, but mostly off of it. I haven’t used BC pills at all for over three years.

I have some ideas about why I’ve been ovulating more regularly than I ever did as a young(er) woman, but for today I’m just wickedly enjoying it … snickering under the full moon like a mischievous old crone while she plunders the youth of a maid twenty years her junior by stroking and licking her sticky pussy.


Fertility is a truly wild and unpredictable thing. After trying to get pregnant in my late thirties and not being able to at that time, I realized a person’s fertility is not as simple and clear-cut as “fertile” or “INfertile”. Most of us can’t really be categorized as exactly one or the other. There are so many shifty variables that are subject to being influenced, it’s hard to count someone out of the procreation game entirely, even when multiple attempts — even with the assistance of fertility doctors — fail.

After the disheartening challenges of not being able to get pregnant when we were trying so hard, I expanded my definition of fertility so it is not limited to literally getting pregnant and carrying a human baby to term.

Fertility for me now includes ALL of the potent abilities to create life, and build and pass on a legacy. Being fertile also means being able to re-create my self, defying expectations for aging by becoming more youthfully vibrant, strong, flexible and alive.

Still, when my body keeps popping eggs like clockwork as I approach this milestone birthday of FIFTY, it makes me feel POTENT.

Even while I feel kind of sick of the cramps and the headaches when my hormones shift, I feel like I am inhabiting such an amazing body — such an incredible machine — that I can ignore everything that has ever been predicted for me. I am reminded I am more than a statistic, and the possibilities for all of us are so much more robust and diverse than medians and averages.

If your wheels are out of alignment and your car keeps pulling to the right … maybe you should go ahead and take that unplanned-on exit or go off-road … find out what more your body is capable of that you didn’t explore in your teens or twenties or thirties.

It is not too late. For so many things! It is not too late for me.