Trying Hair-Do Tuts

It's about time I learn how to curl my hair

4/19/20232 min read

When I was a teenager and young woman (resisting) learning to style my hair, we had … each other. And magazines. To learn how to use brushes, blow dryers and curling irons.

Flat irons / straightening irons didn’t even come around as far as I knew until I was in my twenties or thirties maybe. God only knows how much I would have LOVED to be able to straighten my hair with an iron instead of the arduous round brush technique the hair ladies tried to show me that I COULD NEVER DO, but it’s probably all for the best / I would have fried my hair.

It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I found out about curling WANDS and bought one. Which I have only half-successfully used less than a dozen times.

I’m super not into fixing my hair.

But now I’m fifty and want to look golden and regal ... or at least not be ashamed of how I look anymore when I leave the house.

I have a whole head of long-ass greying pandemic hair that I should probably learn to style so I can take some pictures before I finally cut it off and/or go back to being more blonde, so I did this thing people younger than I am (and smart people my own age) have been doing for YEARS: I went to YouTube and watched a few tutorials. How to use curling wands (vs curling irons with clamps) to do what they call LOOSE waves and beachy waves and stuff. And BONUS ROUND some quick messy buns, side-braids and high half-ponies. And I learned what a “money piece” is.

My take-aways:

  • Do not get self-conscious or lose confidence and give up so quickly when I try to do hair-fix things

  • Be more intuitive - this is all bullshit anyway

  • Buy more products, especially

    • heat protectant

    • Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray

    • Phone cord hair ties

You probably want to see me apply what I learned, but I just watched the videos today, and will use not having the above products as an excuse to wait to attempt practicing with my (extremely dangerous, worse-than-porn) hot tools until such time as I've procured the aforementioned products and have conveniently forgotten whatever the youtubers taught me today. But since I synthesized what I learned into a general lesson of CONFIDENCE and IMPROVED GROWTH MINDSET, none of that matters because it's not just about techniques, it's about THE WAY THAT YOU USE IT. All of it. Body, hair, brain ... with confidence. I pretty much knew what I was doing before, just now that I've watched the videos I know there aren't really a ton of mysterious secrets to it and I'm always on the right track and just need to keep plowing ahead without second-guessing stuff before it's done.